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tagged as: [ Chin blimey ]. [ First face this face saw ]. I'm a time traveler. I point and laugh at queues..
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tagged as: [ Chin blimey ]. I'm a time traveler. I point and laugh at queues..
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Anonymous inquired,
Question about your guys plot, will there be any new characters coming into the story? Or will it always be these current (and awesome) characters?
The Doctor answered,

//Wellllllllllllllll I don’t wanna give away too much, but there will be a new character coming into play not too long from now. Said character will be a new companion that’ll add a certain new dynamic to things. That’s all I’m gonna say <3

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+Into The Fire+




Perhaps Tenth’s words shouldn’t have gotten to her as much as they did, but she couldn’t help but feel that in some ways, he was right. It was much more than that though. How could she ever just overlook the fact that Dawn was on his TARDIS for hundreds of years in a coma and he purposely avoided saying a single word about it!?


How could she ever trust him now when she knew he kept things of this magnitude from her? This wasn’t just some trivial detail that wouldn’t matter in a week’s time, this was her best friend. What else was he hiding from her?

It wasn’t just Tenth who she felt scared to trust anymore. It was both of them…

Custy finally began to speak then, his hazel eyes meeting her own for a quick second before falling once more. She understood exactly what he was saying. The timeline was making an attempt at auto-correct, so to speak. Dawn’s fate, in the end, turned out to be the very same as it had been before. Did that mean she would end up in the void, after all?

And would the thought of that possibility change what she was really, properly considering right now?


                                            It wouldn’t…….

Right away, the Doctor understood what he meant, and it frightened him to his core. He didn’t think of it until now, but of course Dawn would have met her fate in a different way. Too many circumstances had changed between their timelines.

And the fact that Dawn still met the very same fate even after all those differences were taken into account….. it was worse than he thought. For both Michelle and himself. The details would be different, but he would somehow still become the Interfector. And Michelle… she would still end up lost to the void.

It was exactly what happened with Adelaide Brooke, only on a much…. much larger scale. They believed they changed their fates, when in reality, they only accomplished in stalling them.

But no…. even now, the Doctor would only fight harder to keep Michelle safe. She was too precious to him. He would do everything in his power to make sure, at least, that she came away with a future that didn’t end in the void. 

"Michelle isn’t safe on this TARDIS, Doctor. There are things you know. Foreknowledge that you are purposely keeping to yourself and out of our reach!”


"It doesn’t matter if it happened differently!" That was a lie. Of course it mattered, "That knowledge about Dawn could have changed everything! I could have done something! I could have been more careful! Taken more precautions with the R.E.M.! It didn’t…. It didn’t need to end this way, do you understand me?! What else are you not telling us!? WHAT ELSE?!

She wouldn’t have it anymore. All of the accusations falling from Tenth’s mouth were just enough to get her to finally speak up.


"Alright, now hold on just one minute! No one is any safer on your TARDIS if that’s what you’re playin’ at, Doctor! Let’s not forget who pulled the trigger here, yea? Both of ya share blame in this! Both of ya!!

Even she was partly to blame. She couldn’t say that out loud, of course, but it was something she realized fully.

Hardened blue eyes found her younger self, and she began to wonder silently what the blonde was thinking. She knew that look better than anyone, and it wasn’t good.

The Doctor had almost expected Jamie to remain quiet throughout the whole thing, so hearing her speak up now was a bit surprising. But her words rang true. As much as he wanted to deny it… She was right. They both had a hand in this. Then again, what was new about that?

With a heavy sigh, the Doctor looked down with closed eyes as he rubbed a hand over his face. It was a tired motion, unsure and filled with an attempt at a momentary reprieve from having to look at each of their mixed array of emotional expressions.

What else was he not telling them? Many things… So very many things. The companions to come for his younger self, the dark and terrible days, as well as equally the bright and shining days. The Ponds, River, Clara, Trenzalore… But before all that, came Tenth’s regeneration that was no doubt nearing closer despite being postponed due to all the timeline meddling. 

He didn’t dare divulge that information, though. Whether it was selfish or not, he just didn’t know…

Before his younger self could speak once more, the Doctor looked back to him with guarded eyes, “Look, nothing could’ve been done and Jamie’s right. No one’s safe right now. Not on your TARDIS, not on mine. Not anywhere. It’s a wonder the timelines haven’t collapsed in on themselves entirely. In fact…”

Then, a moment of realization hit him. Of course. It made sense now. His face lit up with understanding as he went on, “That’s exactly why you couldn’t get here until the Interfector left. Two of us in one time frame’s just bad enough— but three? Three’s too much, ‘specially after all the changes. Your TARDIS was protecting us. Good to know.”

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I am the doctor and I am  a f r a i d

tagged as: [ Chin blimey ]. I'm a time traveler. I point and laugh at queues..
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tagged as: [ Chin blimey ]. I'm a time traveler. I point and laugh at queues..
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Doctor: the word for healer and wise man throughout the universe. 
The man who can turn an army around at the mention of his name.

tagged as: [ Chin blimey ]. i tried to fight sleep for a while. but i don't think i can fight it any longer. soooo i'm passing out. hopefully lots of replies tomorrow. have a wonderful night/day lovelies.
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sugarfromthelibrary inquired,
Wait so basically what I'm getting is Michelle is still gonna end up in the void cause of the timelines fixing themselves!? Hell no Custy, you better stop it!!
The Doctor answered,

tagged as: sugarfromthelibrary. fromhumantotimelord. eleventh doctor. dw rp. answered. HE FEELS SO HOPELESS AND UNSURE ABOUT EVERYTHING. UGH MY POOR BBY :C.