theonlylucysaxon: "Yes... I'm Lucy." She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. "So, you certainly know me, and I'm so terribly sorry that I can't quite say the same...." Lucy bit her lip, looking rather embarrassed for how rude this must seem.

        The Doctor gave her a careful smile, “I’m the Doctor.
            Not the same face, mind. But still the Doctor. Sound familiar?”

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Anonymous: do you ever think about your old companions? the ones you let die?

                Every day… ‘Course I do.
            I could never forget a single one of them.

Anonymous: Do you miss Bessie?

              Ohh, Bessie! Blimey, I haven’t driven Bessie in centuries!
                       Still aboard the TARDIS, she is, in the garage. Maybe I’ll
                      take her out again for a drive some day.

//Chapter 13 of Back to Love is finally up!

make me choosebadgerssong asked fish fingers orAND custard?


           It [ h u r t s ] every day —

                             the absence of someone who was once there.

Anonymous: What was so bad about a hospital? It's not like you regenerated in one.

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