The demons

            Don’t scare me

                                                  What truly terrifies me

 Is the possibility

                                                   of losing                                              




          [ Immediately, the blonde was on guard, dark eyes narrowing slightly as she stared at the other. He didn’t look familiar, and to be honest, she was quite she she had in fact never met him——

                               So when he called her by name, Rose was immediately wary. ]

                                                           ”…H-how do you know m’ name?” 

          [ Her head tilted into a question, and she stepped closer, and then around him, as if to study him from all angles. Tall. Hell of a chin. Nice hair-flippy. And round eyes — brown — I haven’t met him! 

                                                       She crossed her arms, biting her lower lip. ]

           ”I don’t know you.”

                        [ What good was it being a time traveler if he couldn’t go back to fix little mistakes like that? Her name, albeit so new upon his tongue now, felt like an old habit slipping through. He’d never claimed to have an easily controllable gob. ]

                "I— ah, did I say Rose? Right, well, I jus’ kind of…

                                                ——Guessed! Yes, I’m a brilliant guesser.”

                    [ Why was he even trying? She was smart. And he wasn’t in a position to really recover from something like that. ]

            "You looked like a Rose. Not an actual rose, I mean.. Can we start over?”


His face split into a grin as the Doctor spoke his name. His eyes met the Doctor’s with his normal sure confidence, taking in every emotion that flickered across the other’s face. “Miss me?”


Stunned. That was the reaction, the expression, the very feeling the Doctor felt spreading throughout his entire being, leaving hints of doubt in the back of his mind. It was impossible. But this wouldn’t be the first time he’d seen something impossible.

How—-" his words were thick with confusion, sticking and stuttering. "Master. I don’t understand—— how’re you here?!

fangirl challenge: twenty male characters

one—— eleventh doctor
"i will always remember when the doctor was me."

      "Yes! …No. Wait, hold on.

                 ——What’s the plan again?”

In nine hundred years of time and space, I’ve never met anybody who wasn’t important before

outside those doors, we might see a n y t h i n g .


image image

     [ Clara has to literally, P H Y S I C A L L Y restrain
       herself from making a comment that would have
       made his rocket fin ears go bright red. Instead,
       she gives him a look. A foxy sort of look —

        ( a finger on smirking lips; suggestive eyebrows )

      — before she mutters … ]

     ❝ R E A L L Y  bad choice of words there,


            ——But right, okay… ❞

     [ She ponders on that for a moment, thinking it
       through. Really, though. What kind of leverage
       could she have against a man who could go
       around the cosmos with not a single cent to
       his name and have every bloody thing that he
       wanted ( materialistically speaking, anyway —
       though she knew that he wasn’t above the
       occasional thievery as thieving habits were
       not easily broken, she suspected ) against a
       woman whose entire singular lifetime was
       spent raised in a culture that taught capitalism
       as the only means to a comfortable end.

       A few seconds is all it took. ]


     ❝ I promise to not hack into your Twitter account, how’s that? ❞

               [ For just a single moment, he finds distress.
                 But then he recovers. He was a good liar.
                 This didn’t affect him. It didn’t affect anything
                 nor did it do her any favors for getting that
                 information out of him any quicker. It didn’t. ]

       ❝ ——Right, well, good luck hacking into a nonexistent Twitter account.