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+Into The Fire+


Michelle wanted desperately to hear Tenth admit his actions out loud, but the moment she finished speaking, Custy’s words came— without a single bit of hesitation. And he was on precisely the right track. They didn’t have time for reluctance right now, did they? As furious as she was at Tenth in that moment, her anger needed to take the backseat until they were all out of harm’s way.

Without waiting any longer for a response from Tenth, Michelle handed her phone over to Custy. It was clear by his expression and his tone that she didn’t need to explain anything. He already knew…


"Let’s go, Custy. Ya can yell at him on the way…" she stepped by him after allowing a quick glance, and opened the door to give him quicker access to the corridor. Words couldn’t begin to explain how upset she was, but getting the hell out of there was just more important.

                                                     —Crying could come later.

There was no time wasted as he took the phone from Michelle, bringing it up to his ear and immediately his voice barely held back anger, “What the hell happened, Doctor?!!

Just as Michelle opened the door, the Doctor moved through it with a quick gait, the console room his destination. How could it be that just moments ago, they were having such a brilliant day. And now this. It didn’t seem possible.

The Doctor turned a corner of the corridor, the console room still a minute or two away. He quickly continued before his younger self could respond, “D’you have any idea how absolutely bloody stupid you are!? Do you?!! You’ve put Michelle and Jamie in danger now!!

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chinacupsandgreentea inquired,
omg this thread is killing me and it's not ok!!!!
The Doctor answered,

//You and me both, friend. You and me both.

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+Into The Fire+



The wave of relief that washed over him at the sound of her voice on the other end was massive. He wasn’t too late, but the clock was still ticking. The Interfector could already be locked onto their exact location. They needed to move! And fast!


"Michelle! Michelle, listen to me!! You need to get out of there!" his voice was strained with grief and panic, "Tell the Doctor!! Tell him to get the TARDIS out of there!! Wherever you are right now!!! I don’t know where that is, but get out!! Do you understand me!? The Interfector!! The Interfector knows who he is, and he is coming!! Don’t ask questions!! Please!! Just go!!! Tell him!!

The words fell from his mouth rapidly— one after the other in absolute desperation. She would listen to him. She had to listen to him. Already, he knew the Interfector knowing was going to cause her to blame him. But she wouldn’t be wrong…. This was his fault. All of it.

He would have to deal with that later though. Her safety was more important to him. Already, he lost Dawn, and he couldn’t take anymore. He absolutely couldn’t.

Right away, Michelle felt her hearts stop in her chest. Her smile faded, and dread consumed her completely. For a few moments, she couldn’t even bring herself to speak. She just couldn’t believe it. She worked so hard to stop this from ever happening, but none of it mattered. It was happening, and it never would have if she would’ve just stayed on Tenth’s TARDIS…

It had to be him…. right? How else would the Interfector know? There was so much hope she placed in Tenth to never tell him of Custy’s true identity, and she believed with every ounce of her that he would keep silent on the matter. She believed the love they both shared was more than enough for that…

                            She trusted him…..

              —and she saw now that it was one of the biggest

                                                      mistakes she could ever make.


"How could ya do this?? ‘Cause it was you, yea? You told him!! I know it was you!!" she finally shouted back into the phone, her voice cracking as she stood from her spot next to Custy’s side, "I trusted ya to keep that information away from him! How!? How could anyone ever be so selfish— so cowardly!?”

For the first few moments, the Doctor thought nothing of the call. No doubt it was Tenth on the other end, checking in to make sure she was still safe, the younger man continually under the impression the Doctor would somehow turn back into his darker self at the drop of a hat. But as she quietly listened to him speak on the other end, it was becoming more and more clear from her features alone that it wasn’t just a casual call.

Something was wrong. And her sudden burst of words as she stood only solidified that.

Immediately, the Doctor understood, both horror and realization mixing upon his features. The Interfector knew. Tenth had said something to him, going against his word not to say anything. They weren’t safe now. And there was no time to waste.

The Doctor stood up swiftly and without hesitation, his voice direct and urgent, “Michelle, give me the phone. Give it to me now.

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 you  bring
 out  the  best
 in    whatever’s 
 left        of        me

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Anonymous inquired,
So much homework. Slightly stressed. Slightly panicked. Could I have a hug, please, Doctor?
The Doctor answered,

Hey, c’mon, Nonny. -He brought the anon into an embrace- Take it all one little step at a time, yeah? Bit by bit ‘n before you know it, you’ll be done! You can do it, mate. I know you can.

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Anonymous inquired,
Feel better mun♥
The Doctor answered,

//Awwhh, thank you so much, lovely <3

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eleven per episode: the eleventh hour:

Amy Pond, there’s something you’d better understand about me, because it’s important, and one day your life may depend on it. I am definitely a madman with a box.

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